Mental Illness Awareness Week

Some of you may know that is Mental Illness Awarness Week, however if you did not, I wanted to make sure that it was shared with you. Mental Health comes in various forms, and often times as Men, we believe that we’re perfect as we are, compartmentalize our thoughts, live through our fears, and often suffer alone because of the stigma that comes with talking through our issues (big or small), taking care of loved ones, life traumas and stresses from our careers and so much more.Make sure you’re taking time you need for yourself on a regular basis, so that you are the best you and ensuring that can be as joyful and worry free as possible. Everybody goes through something at some point in life and often we feel alone and this is a reminder that you’re not alone! I’m not a therapist or a medical professional, just a Brother whose experienced a few things in life who understands the importance of keeping your mental health in a good place. Lastly, I’m always hear to talk with anybody going through anything, more importantly listen. I encourage anybody to do the same thing of offering up a listening ear and empathetic heart, as sometimes that’s all somebody needs.

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