The purpose of the Members Directory is to create a space where brothers can share some brief biographical information about themselves along with their email address and/or website. In a chapter our size (5th largest in the fraternity) it’s often difficult to associate a name with a face. With the directory we can share who we are as individuals, where we come from, our alma mater, undergraduate chapter, and what we do for a living, for example. The directory can also be a good networking tool. Inclusion is totally voluntary. Once your profile is complete it will be submitted in the Pending Review status. A member from the Communications Team will review each submission to ensure the profiles are consistent and reflect the character of each member of Beta Rho Sigma. Additionally the team reserves the right to edit each submission for clarity and brevity. Thank you for participating!

  1. Fill out each field completely.
  2. Include preferred title to your name (e.g. Dr., Rev., Ph.D., Esq., etc.)
  3. Under Category select “profile” from the dropdown menu
  4. Upload a high quality photo of yourself. No group photos. If you do not have a good photo have a friend or family member take one for you. Additionally, you can take a selfie. The photo does not have to be a professional one.
  5. Optionally, if you add a website use http://www…
  6. Click “Submit Profile”
  • Choose the "profiles" category
  • Write a brief description about yourself. Limited to 50 words.